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Another Newbie

My name is Kevin. I’m 36 and am a father of 3. I live in Ypsilanti, MI.

Chris - 18: Lived with me about 5 years ago now on his own.
Miranda - 17: Lived with me from 12 until two weeks ago, now at stepfathers.
William - 15: Has always lived with mother.

Well, I guess that’s the main info so now for some details.

The mother of my kids and I were young parents, (16-17). I am not sure about her but I didn't think anything about having kids. No big deal, a little rug rat to play with. Chris was a great baby, always smiling and laughing. Miranda was always smiling and hugging. William was born during the split up and she was seeing someone else (Who by the way became daddy against my wishes). But I figured, “Don’t hurt the family over pride.” After the break up she kept the kids and I paid support and got them every weekend. Chris was 3-5 when we broke up, (the break up was on and off for a couple of years), and I could tell the effect it had on him. He started getting angry about things to the point of violence, so mom put him on riddilin (oops, don’t know how that’s spelled). The effect on Miranda was less, all she would do is latch onto any man’s leg she saw, like at the grocery store. As for William, I was there for the birth and that’s about it. The mom went on to have 7 more children with various fathers and married one of them.

Today Chris knows everything and I mean everything. As for Miranda, she seems to want to take after her mom in the baby aspect. Don’t get me wrong, she is not having sex all over the place or anything like that, but she sure does love babies. William just wants to have sex with the loud mouth girl down the street from his mother’s home.

The whole experience has taught me some things. Children are awesome through the good and bad. To see them do or say things for the first time is a treasure. Always have that camera ready. Being as young as I was, I missed out on a lot of things in the beginning. Spending time with my kids bike riding, playing games, or just about anything was pretty much the best times of my life.

Then they became teens. It’s funny how we all go through the teen thing so when it hits them you know what’s going on. In my case everything was good to start. They could do the things I did on a regular basis and actually keep up, physically or mentally. It’s when they try to break free before they are ready that I have found hard to deal with. I did the same thing but I always thought that when they got there we would have a different understanding than I had with my parents. I guess it doesn’t work that way because in the last few years there has been a lot of rebellion to the point of serious arguments.

Anyway, I’m tired now so I guess I will cut this off now. I don’t know if this is the kind of stuff you put in here or not so let me know. So, Hi to everyone and hope to type at ya soon.
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