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just joined...
quick background:
I have a 4 going on 14 year old boy, whom I 'share-parent' with his out great for all of us it seems, as his father and I have the wonderful ability to communicate without fuss, and try to balance our households as closely as possible to eachother.

We alternate everyother day, everyother weekend, and have for nearly 3 years now. It's a routine...not a 'normal' one, but our son never goes 2 days w/o seeing the other parent; I'm able to attend school part time nights he's with his dad; his dad can work overtime or side jobs when our son's with me.

We've had some behavioral problems with Dathan at school. Quick temper (from dad), strong will (from mom). We are currently meeting with counselor(s) in order to get some modification/tips both in the home and at school (this, instead of instant Adderall, as one psychologist proposed after asking me 'well, is he hyper or not? can he focus or not? he is 4, he is old enough, we can try it')
The guy we're talking with now, the three of us are comfortable with. He seems impressed we're not looking for a fix in a bottle (asking questions as to whether it works AFTER--bah)...but today he suggested we discuss the option of switching our son weekly, instead of daily.

Any thoughts on this? Pros and Cons?

I don't see any real benefit for this, as he has a steady routine...we see a BIG difference in our son's compliance when either of us go on a trip or something and his schedule changes. We feel having both parents every week is a good thing. Are we missing some vital detail? I have doubts, as we all have grown accustomed to our lifestyle.


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